Family Practices

Like many, when Eric and I married, we both came packed full of values! Some values we shared and some we didn’t. Some values were madly in love with the other persons’ values and some were blatantly threatened and held in contempt by the others’ for a prolonged period… Wait, are we talking about values or people? Thankfully it wasn’t always our values that were threatening, but rather how we were or were not practicing those values. Once our children were born, it didn’t take long to realize those practices had the ability to build our family and household up, or tear it down.

This FAMILY page is dedicated to the values and practices we have identified, defined and implemented in our marriage and family over the years. We hope you enjoy them and would love to hear yours. Please feel free to comment in the sections provided below each blog.

Family Breakfast

By Kandi Growing up my parents had a high value for intentional family-time. One way they practiced this value was through shared meals at the dining table. Every morning we enjoyed breakfast as a family and every evening we ended the day in the same way. During these times we would share about our day, poke fun … Continue reading Family Breakfast