Booking & Resources

Family on Mission Workshop

What is family on mission? How do we begin to operate this way? What if I’m not married or have grown children? Is this really the way God created us to live? A Family on Mission Workshop offers a simple, helpful introduction to a life lived as family on mission along with practical training, tools and practices to get you started in the right direction.

  • Learn about Spiritual Parenting, Predictable Patterns, and Missional Purpose.
  • Be trained in simple tools to help you live a more integrated life regardless of your family’s makeup and season of life.
  • Learn from Eric and Kandi through their personal stories of successes and failures.
  • Leave with a renewed vision for the life all Christians were created to live and the confidence to step in that direction.
  • Contact Kandi at for more information.

Coaching & Consulting

Eric has been part of 3DM from the beginning, developed 3DM Coaching, has developed resources like a discipleship leader guide (Huddle Leader Guide) as well as a newly released Missional Community Leader Guide and continues to partner with leaders, churches and organizations as they seek to operate more effectively in the areas of discipleship, leadership and mission. Book him to speak, coach or consult with your team.

Missional CommunitY Leader Guide

In this guide, Eric aims to provide simple, repeatable, concrete steps for groups of people who are embarking on the journey of learning to live as Missional Communities (MCs), which can also be called Families on Mission. This guide is meant to be like a set of tracks to run on, tracks that will create helpful rhythms on which you will invariably build. It also leaves lots of room for flexibility, innovation, and contextualization. For more information, please click the pic.

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