Pfeiffer Family2The Pfeiffer Family

Eric and Kandi have been married 15 years and have two children aged 13 and 11 named Charity and Justus.

We believe you can only give to others what you have first received. For this reason we seek to live a life worth imitating, an integrated life of family on mission, to share with others what we learn in our own journey. This blog is our humble attempt to make available to a wider audience our learnings and hopefully encourage, inspire and equip others to live the life into which God is calling you. Regardless of your lot in life we believe God has a special role for you to play and you’re not alone!

Why A Family Blog?

Over the past two decades we have learned from so many others and hope to share as much as we can with you. Here is a quick word about the various sections in this site.

  • Eric’s page – Eric will be sharing various life and leadership lessons he has found instrumental in his journey as a husband, father, leader, pastor, coach, consultant and friend.
  • Kandi’s page – Kandi is a gifted leader, communicator, discipler and of course wife and mother. She will be sharing from her many years as a passionate pursuer of God’s intimacy and the life that overflows from it.
  • Family Values & Practices page – Here we will seek to share the practical things we have learned as a family that have made living as family on mission both more sustainable and life-giving. Take what we learn from us and consider how you might integrate ideas and practices into your own family journey. Ultimately, find what works for you!